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MAF Connector Replacement

Step 2

With the retainer out of the way, you can release the individual female "pins" in the connector. To do that, use a small, thin, flat blade screwdriver and insert it in the space that was occupied by the red retainer. Just above each pin is a small plastic tab that needs to be gently lifted to allow the pin to be pulled free, out of the back of the connector. Do this by grabbing a hold of the exposed wire connected to that pin and give it a gentle tug while holding the tab up away from the pin. Start from one side and work your way across the connector sequentially. TIP: The goal isn't to pull each wire completely free of the connector, individually — doing so with the seal on the back of the connector in place would likely cause either the seal or connector to be damaged. Instead just pull each pin free of its tab and leave them, and the seal, in the connector body. Photo: Ryan King, 2008.

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