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Rusteco Liquid

Manufacturer Recommendations and Information

  • Dip parts in liquid for 20 minutes to 72 hours depending on severity of corrosion
  • Liquid may be heated to improve rust removal from hours or days to minutes or hours
  • Remove corrosion and Rusteco with a pressure washer or with water and agitation with a scouring pad or hard bristle brush
  • Once Rusteco is removed, the product will be ready for painting
  • Liquid may be sprayed on after rust removal to help prevent flash rust and will stop rust from forming for up to six months provided the part does not come in direct contact with water
  • To test to see if the product will still remove rust, either check its pH levels with a pH tester or dip a part in it and see if it will remove rust. Rusteco is activated when it comes in contact with metal and deactivates when the metal is removed.
  • Rusteco goes through four color stages during corrosion removal. It starts out a fresh blue color, then changes from green to brown to black.
  • Parts can be left in contact with Rusteco indefinitely with no adverse effects
  • Rusteco should be stored in a sealed plastic container between 40°F and 90°F. If it does freeze, just let the product thaw and shake or stir to re-suspend Rusteco's solids.
  • Will not harm metals, glass, paint, plastic, rubber or fabrics and is a perfect corrosion or corrosion stain remover for all these materials
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