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Weld Like a Pro Front Cover

Weld Like a Pro

If you're doing anything more than bolting and unbolting parts on your car projects, then welding becomes an essential skill for your car hobby — cuz most of the other parts are welded.

Almost all of my project cars are in need of some welding, so, it's a critical skill for the success of my hobby. That's why I picked up a copy of Weld Like a Pro by author and welding expert, Jerry Uttrachi.

To see if this book can help you in your own automotive adventure, check out my review!

Posted: 9/20

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Media Blasting & Metal Preparation Front Cover

Media Blasting & Metal Preparation

One of the biggest challenges to achieving a quality finish is substrate preparation. I'm facing that same dilemma myself with the El Camino.

To help get the results I'm looking for — and do it as quickly and inexpensively as possible — I picked up a copy of Media Blasting & Metal Preparation.

To find out if this book can help you do the same, check out the review!

Posted: 8/20


The Complete Ultimate Factories Car Collection

Ultimate Factories

I haven't found a series that does a better job illuminating the subject of manufacturing than National Geographic's Ultimate Factories.

When you restore or customize your ride, it's difficult to do it well if you don't understand where it came from or how it was put together. If your serious about your hobby and it involves being hip deep in your car's parts, then Ultimate Factories is a must-see.

Although this is a review of the series, it's also a guide that references every single episode I could find with a perspective geared specifically towards the automotive enthusiast.

Check it out and enjoy!

Posted: 11/17

Kevin Tetz's Paintucation Title Image


This five-disc DVD educational series on paint and body repair is a great and inexpensive way to introduce yourself to the complex and often misunderstood field of automotive body repair.

Posted: 5/07

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