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There are an awful lot of fastener types used in automobiles — especially today. Of course, there are the simple nuts, bolts, studs, and screws, but that's not all. I mean there are rivets, blind rivets, adhesive, tape, staples, rings, and more.

One of those "more" fastening technologies is good old-fashioned welding — or, increasingly, very modern welding, as the case may be.

If you're serious about your car hobby, then understanding welding and learning the skill to do it is critical. And, while you can learn quite a bit by doing many things in car repair, welding is a highly technical process that requires much more than experience to do correctly. I use the word "correctly" instead of "well," here, because it isn't something that just has to look good, it has to be performed adequately in order to be certain the welded joint will perform in whatever situation it needs to.

Author Jerry Uttrachi does an excellent job of introducing you to the many facets that make up "good welding" in Cartech's Weld Like a Pro. Click the link down below to return to the main review and see what this well-written book has to offer.

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