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Weld Joint Types

There are a lot of joint types used in welding: some of which are used in automotive applications and which aren't. Along with joint design, different thicknesses of metal, metal type, and weld strength requirements play significant roles in dictating what those welds are.

The above image from Weld Like a Pro, Chapter 2: Joint Types, shows six different welds. The photo in the lower left corner will probably be a kind of joint you'll learn about for your automotive hobby: a lap joint. It's used in sheet metal welding and the style of lap joint you'll likely become the most familiar with goes by many names, but the official name is an offset lap joint. I call it a flange joint, but the idea is the one panel edge is formed to accept another so that one side can be welded and ground flat for finishing when installing a replacement patch panel in auto body repair.

I don't think I'll need to employ a patch panel for the El Camino, but I'm pretty certain it's in the future for the Mustang. The last time I looked, it appeared to need a lower front quarter panel repair.

Jerry Uttrachi goes into a lot of detail about the various applications of joint types, welding technology, and weld types throughout the book, as well — most of which is focused on automotive applications for us car nuts. Photo: Jerry Uttrachi.

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