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Weld Like a Pro

Tubular Structural Welding

Another collage of photographs, this time displaying six different welded tubular structures which includes five tube car frames and a stainless steel exhaust header in the upper right.

There are a number of approaches to building tubing structures and strategies that correspond for welding those structures.

As welding expert Jerry Uttrachi notes in Weld Like a Pro, the standard weld used for tubing is the fillet weld, but different assemblies require different structural designs require different welding techniques and setups to get into the spaces in those assemblies to create a proper weld with adequate penetration. You'll find those details and much more throughout the book.

For me, the welding of tubular structures holds special interest because of the work I may need to do to replicate the deteriorating exhaust in my Grandfather's El Camino. Photo: Jerry Uttrachi.

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