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TIG Welding Stainless Steel Exhaust

This is what I picked-up Weld Like a Pro for.

Okay, it's close. I'm not installing a stainless steel exhaust in the El Camino. Truth be told, I'm not absolutely certain I'll be installing an exhaust system at all — but I'm pretty sure it'll be necessary.

The exhaust system I'll be installing in the El Camino is made of standard aluminized pipe and plain old boring baffled mufflers — they're critical to the creation of the El Camino's unique sound. That and the two sizes of pipe that essentially create an echo chamber for the exhaust from the tiny 283 to rattle around in before it wubbles out into the world. That's what I'll be re-creating if or when I'm finally able to get to work on the Old Cruck. Photo: Jerry Uttrachi.

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