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Weld Like a Pro

Modern TIG Rig

This is a modern, inverter-based TIG welder.

With its sophisticated digital controls and advanced starting and weld management functions, it's capable of working on a wide range of materials.

This kind of technology isn't limited to TIG welding, either. Modern MIG welders also utilize a plethora of controls and management functions to lay down precise welds. While this level of sophistication isn't absolutely necessary for all automotive-based work, they make work possible on the widest-possible array of applications.

For myself, I'm going to need a multi-process welder capable of both TIG and MIG welding with a high duty cycle. Of course, that precludes me from utilizing a welder capable of running on standard 120V power. It's not that the welder needs to be able to perform both MIG and TIG welding that keeps it from running on standard power, it's the high duty cycle. Although the cost is higher, I've dealt with enough enthusiast-oriented equipment that need constant breaks and/or run at a rate significantly lower than I need to get in the way of my productivity. Not only is it frustrating to have to take constant breaks, but, that kind of limitation can extend progress from hours to days and I'm all done with that kind of crap.

The details of how these modern welders work — and a whole lot more — await you in Weld Like a Pro. Photo: Jerry Uttrachi.

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