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This is a stick welder — which, as far as I'm concerned, has no place in automotive welding. However, it is used extensively in the construction industry because of the ability for stick welding to be done in high-wind situations of up to 20 mph. You might have heard of it referred to as a buzz box or tombstone.

According to Jerry Uttrachi in Weld Like a Pro, these welders can be adapted to TIG welding — this is the kind of power supply that was originally used for TIG welding and is still used in certain situations for field work. Of course, it has very limited use compared to modern TIG welders that have improved the process and results of TIG welding greatly.

This is what is called conventional transformer power supply and has little use in automotive welding even when setup with a TIG torch because of issues using this kind of supply with thin materials and aluminum. Modern TIG welders us an inverter power supply with digital functions to control all sorts of parameters that allow TIG to effectively and efficiently work on all sorts of materials. Photo: Jerry Uttrachi.

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