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Weld Like a Pro

Aluminum Cylinder Head TIG Welding

There are a number of keys to success when welding aluminum cylinder head castings like proper welding rod choice, TIG torch cup size, welder settings, prepping, cleaning and heating of the casting, and weld technique. In Weld Like a Pro, welding expert Jerry Uttrachi explores these requirements of welding aluminum castings with TIG technology and a whole lot more.

None of my car projects requires anything as challenging as the welding of aluminum castings, but I can definitely see there are places where I'm going to want to use TIG welding. Although, slower than MIG, it provides more control and the potential for superior welds — provided I can manage to use it correctly.

I see lots of practice in my future — if I'm ever in a position to do it at all. Photo: Jerry Uttrachi.

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