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Ryobi 18V One+ Dual Function Inflator/Deflator

Mustang LX Tire #3: Passenger Rear

I gave the Ryobi Inflator another seven minutes to cool off before putting it to work again — but it still showed signs of getting tired.

I don't know if the battery getting down to two bars of charge had anything to do with it, but it took nearly seven and a half minutes to get this tire up from 0 psi to the automatic shut-off of 36 psi.

At this point, it could be anything slowing it down — including more air escaping the leaky tire — but it was showing a trend of tiring as the job wore on.

To be fair, it says right in the instructions and on the box that this tool isn't intended for professional use and asking it to keep chugging filling up tire after tire is asking a lot more of it than just topping a set off or pumping up a single flat. Photo: Ryan King, 2019.

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