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Ryobi 18V One+ Dual Function Inflator/Deflator

Cobalt SS/SC Tire #4: Driver Rear

This last one was down a pound and a half, but the Ryobi Inflator didn't miss a beat and for about 2 minutes and 45 seconds of filling time (including the initial test and the failure to set the pressure correctly on the second tire), the Inflator finished topping off all four of the Cobalt's tires with nary a whimper. In case you were wondering, the reason I set the Inflator to 36 psi as the shut off point was to give me some slop room. The digital read out on this specific inflator was off by about a pound and as mentioned above, there was some air pressure loss getting the air chuck off of the valve stem. It ended up leaving about 34 psi in the tire with the air loss when I removed it — give or take about a half pound. Photo: Ryan King, 2019.

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