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Ryobi 18V One+ Dual Function Inflator/Deflator

Cobalt SS/SC Tire #1: Driver Front

On the negative side, as mentioned above, there isn't a gauge on Ryobi's Dual Function Inflator — only a digital readout. There is a manual mode, but you can also set the pressure you want to achieve and let it do its thing. This tire was under-inflated by a whole pound — there's no wonder why the Cobalt was driving like crap. After I dialed in an effective shut-off pressure — in this case, 36 psi, it took the Inflator about 30 seconds to top off the tire. There are numerous warnings in the manual about general and specific safety when using this product like eye and hearing protection (so be sure to read it thoroughly before using your new toy), but it also states you should remain ten feet away when the Inflator is running, and to give it a break for ten minutes after every ten minutes of continuous use — this thing isn't an air compressor capable of anything approaching heavy use, nor is it intended for a professional environment. Photo: Ryan King, 2019.

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