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The Car Lot

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The Hobby Complex is complex.

Or it is a complex.

Whichever, I'm calling it the Car Lot.

The Car Lot is made up of the grounds surrounding the buildings that I perform the work on my Car Projects in and is just as important as the buildings, themselves.

There are so many reasons why the grounds are critical. They provide access to the buildings, utility services for power and plumbing needs, and a fence to help keep eyes out and noise in so it's less intrusive and disruptive for the neighbors.

The Car Lot is comprised of four basic tiers based on the needs above: building arrangement, utilities, walk and driveways, and fence and gates.

The Hobby Complex will be going together in phases and those phases will be happening concurrently with the other Garage Projects — which makes careful planning critical.

Once complete, it will provide a clean, organized, efficient, productive environment in which to tinker with my cars to my heart's content.

This is the most flexible and fluid of all the Garage Projects and will probably change pretty dramatically before it's done.

Since I don't have the property to base my Hobby Complex design on, I've created a plan for the smallest property I can fit it on, ideally laid out on just shy of three-quarters of an acre.

In the real world, in order to fit the Hobby Complex on three-quarters of an acre, everything on it would have to be laid out perfectly, including the topography, position of the house, its size, and the shape of both the house and the property. That makes the current design fairly impractical, but still an excellent exercise to understand the needs and limitations of the Car Lot.


Project: Plotting and Scheming Title Image

Plotting and Scheming

A single garage won't contain my hobby, I need a complex of buildings and Project: Plotting and Scheming is where it all starts.

Updated: 9/8/19

Project: Big Finish Title Image

Big Finish

The projects to build the Car Lot Hobby Complex will be coming to a close with Project: Big Finish.

The only things that will be left to do in my Hobby Complex will be to lay the drive and walkways, build the privacy fence, and complete any needed landscaping.

Updated: 10/20/19


El Camino Interior

From a Certain Point of View

The need to rebuild the Powerglide in my Grandfather's El Camino has brought to light some glaring issues with space.

Posted: 8/2/20

1995 Ford Mustang GT 5.0 Engine

Summer Wrenching

Summer's fast approaching and if you're still stuck at home, it might be time to get wrenching on that project you've been meaning to work on.

Posted: 6/7/20

Borg-Warner T-5 Manual Transmission

Coulda, Shoulda, Woulda

This was supposed to be the week I kicked Classics and Performance into a higher gear.

Posted: 4/12/20

Abandoned Barns in the Snow

Garage Options

So, you want to build a garage?

Posted: 1/26/20

Red Barns Under Snowy Trees

Winter Wrenching

With the weather outside being so frightful and the inside being much more delightful, I've turned my thoughts to the buildings in my Hobby Complex.

Posted: 1/12/20

Red Barn in the Snow

Getting in the Mood

Setting the mood is a valuable tool for success.

Posted: 12/22/19

Abandoned Barn in the Snow

Hopes and Dreams

Man, I wish I had a shop to use my new Longacre Pro Precision 4.5" Tire Gauge in.

Posted: 12/8/19

Abandoned House in the Snow

Home on the Range

I happen to love rural areas, but this time of year the range can get pretty gnarly to live on.

Posted: 12/1/19

Forgotten House

Money Pit

Without a home and the property it resides on, my hobby — and ultimately, Classics and Performance — can't come to complete fruition.

Posted: 11/24/19

Project Management Workflow

Of Programs and Projects

The final project to build the Car Lot Hobby Complex is complete!

Posted: 10/20/19

Airplane Arriving


Guess what?

Posted: 10/13/19

Pumpkin Farm

Fall Project(s)

Where's the Facebook page for the Survivor?

Posted: 10/6/19

Bored Boxer

Unexciting News

RV covers aren't exciting.

Posted: 9/29/19

The 351 on the Dyno Rollers Title Image

On a Slow Roll


Posted: 9/15/19

Cool New Feature Title Image

Now with More Content!

The current design for Classics and Performance has been a long time coming.

Posted: 9/8/19

Daisies Title Image


It seems that, just to prove my point about the Hobby Complex plan being fluid, it already needs to be revised.

Posted: 7/14/19

Cars and Trucks in a Parkling Lot Title Image

Complex Ideas

My Hobby Complex is complete.

Posted: 7/7/19

Three Old Sheds Title Image

Boxed In

Normally, being boxed in is an issue, but within my Hobby Complex, the Boxes are a row of sheds that allow me to free up work space — and freedom is good.

Posted: 6/23/19

Hot Dog with Mustard Title Image

Stuffing the Bun

Trying to back a car hauler into a carport — not an RV cover — is kinda like trying to stuff a ballpark-sized hot dog in a picnic bun.

Posted: 6/9/19

Garage Sign Title Image

The Sky's the Limit


Posted: 6/2/19

Architectural Plan Drawing Title Image

Minimum Viable Product

In engineering, iteration is a slow but effective process for improvement.

Posted: 5/26/19

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