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Project: Homage is about returning my Grandpa's El Camino to the road in the condition he would have kept it in. In part, it's also about getting to experience a piece of my Grandfather and my upbringing, again — as well as make good on the road trip that never was.

This project will also keep the El Camino all original — that is original to my Grandfather. That includes the Medium Green paint, the 283 V8, the Powerglide automatic transmission, 3.08:1 Positraction rear end, drum brakes, steel wheels and 205 tires, and as many parts as can be retained as possible — especially those that make this cruck uniquely his.

After all, I plan to keep and drive this El Camino until the day I die — as an homage to the man who raised me.

This project started out as what I would define as a rebuild, but because of the deterioration it's experienced over the last 30 years, it's become a a full-blown restoration. I don't know the full extent of the work required to get it back on the road, but it's going to require work everywhere:

Ultimately, the end result is to have my Grandpa's El Camino back on the road in the condition he kept it in.


There's no progress, yet, but, the El Camino has leapt to the top of my priority list.

Of course, I have no space or equipment, nor any other resources with which to work on this project, but it's definitely the first one that's going to get done.

Keep checking in periodically. When there's an update, it'll be right here.

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