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My Speed Demon

My Speed Demon

Bench Racing

by Ryan King

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My Speed Demon makes me do things that other people don't understand.

I have three Mustangs because My Speed Demon told me to.

I race all three Mustangs because My Speed Demon tells me to.

I go to work every day to afford my Mustangs because My Speed Demon tells me to.

I maintain, repair, and modify my Mustangs because My Speed Demon tells me to.

I drive my Mustangs on long road trips because — you guessed it — My Speed Demon tells me to.

This last weekend, I made My Speed Demon cry. Yes, that angry, Incan godlike idol sitting in the passenger seat of my life that drones and orders, not requests, that I do things to feed its needs was reduced to tears on Saturday.

I bought a Saturn.

With four doors.

I had to.

I tried to explain to My Speed Demon that it made me do this, too. But all it would do was wail like a small child who lost its sucker to a big bully.

I tried to explain that I had just lost my last running Mustang to a blown head gasket and I had to have a car to get to work right away so that I could afford to make it happy again.

My Speed Demon would hear nothing of it.

I tried to explain to it that I got the 5-speed instead of the automatic so it would have more zip, but it didn't care.

What was I going to do? The only way I could afford another car was to save enough in gas to pay for it.

Right now My Speed Demon is sitting in the back seat of the Saturn with its nose stuck in the corner between the inner quarter panel and the seat...pouting. It looks like it's going to be there for a while.

Life's tough sometimes, it's not all about road trips, track days, and drag strip passes.

It's about the maintenance and repair time as well.

It would be nice, for once, if My Speed Demon would LEND A HAND and grab me a wrench while I was busy under the car so that I COULD GET THIS JOB DONE FASTER and we could BOTH get back to enjoying things!

My Speed Demon needs to GROW UP!

I don't like the Saturn EITHER! But it's a necessary APPLIANCE!

It needs to come to terms with the fact that there are LIMITATIONS and PRIORITIES and you have to have the TIME and MONEY to REPAIR the cars before you can go FAST in them!

CRYING in the CORNER isn't doing ANYONE any GOOD!

If it WANTED to be HELPFUL, instead of SULKING, it could be at HOME fixing the LX, while I was at work, so that we could GO DRIVE IT!

I don't think it's listening.

Between, you and I, those Speed Demons don't listen very well and they don't care about the demands life places on you.

Don't tell My Speed Demon I said that, though.

It's already upset at me enough as it is.


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