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Nose to the Grindstone

Whelp, it's almost fall and the temperatures are definitely dropping here.

Posted: 9/20/20

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Car Welding

Automotive Welding

Have you thought about learning to weld?

Posted: 9/13/20

The LX Covered in Media Dust

Media Blasting Advice

If you're thinking about setting up a small-scale media blasting outfit, let me offer you some free advice: there's a good chance it's going take more than you think.

Posted: 9/6/20

283 V8 in Profile

Media Blasting and Valve Covers

I can still remember the first time I used media blasting.

Posted: 8/30/20

Rusted Chrome Air Cleaner

Chrome Car Cancer

Do you know chrome can rust?

Posted: 8/23/20

Rusted '87 Mustang

Eyes on the Prize

Recently, I reviewed CarTech's Media Blasting & Metal Preparation because of the El Camino, but it's difficult to think about rust without returning to the Survivor '87 Mustang.

Posted: 8/16/20

U.S. Military Name Tapes Link