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Red Barns Under Snowy Trees

Winter Wrenching

With the weather outside being so frightful and the inside being much more delightful, I've turned my thoughts to the buildings in my Hobby Complex.

Posted: 1/12/20

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Happy New Year 2020 Title Image

Happy Birthday!

Guess what: Classics and Performance was born 18 years ago, this year.

Posted: 1/5/20


The GT in Many Glacier Title Image

Auld Lang Syne

The end of 2019 has made me a smidge nostalgic — not for 2019, but for the cars like my '95 Mustang GT.

Posted: 12/29/19

Red Barn in the Snow

Getting in the Mood

Setting the mood is a valuable tool for success.

Posted: 12/22/19

Abandoned Barn in the Snow

Winter Is Coming

Like me, most of the cars I like don't do well in winter weather.

Posted: 12/15/19

Abandoned Barn in the Snow

Hopes and Dreams

Man, I wish I had a shop to use my new Longacre Pro Precision 4.5" Tire Gauge in.

Posted: 12/8/19

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