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Abandoned Barn in the Snow

Hopes and Dreams

Man, I wish I had a shop to use my new Longacre Pro Precision 4.5" Tire Gauge in.

Posted: 12/8/19

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Abandoned House in the Snow

Home on the Range

I happen to love rural areas, but this time of year the range can get pretty gnarly to live on.

Posted: 12/1/19

Forgotten House

Money Pit

Without a home and the property it resides on, my hobby — and ultimately, Classics and Performance — can't come to complete fruition.

Posted: 11/24/19

Scottsdale Sunset Title Image

American Graffiti

Recently, while I was in Arizona, I re-watched American Graffiti.

Posted: 11/17/19

Road in Fall

Driving Uphill

Boy, howdy was I sick this week.

Posted: 11/10/19

Cobalt in St. Mary Title Image

Riding Dirty

Man, the Cobalt got dirty going to Glacier this year.

Posted: 11/3/19

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