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Bench Racing

by Ryan King

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Many of us are stuck in our homes and it isn't looking good at the moment.

Hopefully, things will improve sooner rather than later.

Until then, Classics and Performance will keep chugging.

Although I may have to rethink the content strategy going forward, I'm still going to post from my hidey-hole.

Remember when I wrote that plans regularly fall apart in my life?

This is a prime example.

It seems like every time I get a head of steam something has to happen — I'm beginning to get the feeling I'm being singled out — except, this time it's happening to everybody and even though I have nothing to do with it, I'm sorry if it has, is, or will impact your life, as well.

I'll be hunkering down and doing my best to keep from going anywhere in the Cobalt SS/SC to help slow the spread of the bug — I hope you will, too. If you're not able to, I hope you can keep from catching it.

To everyone out there actively fighting this thing, thank you for everything you're doing and the risks that you're taking to keep everyone safe.


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