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351 Package Tray

Need to Weld

When I wrote the review for Weld Like a Pro, I mentioned that many of my Car Projects require welding of some sort or another, but, didn't elaborate much on what I foresee them needing.

Posted: 9/27/20

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Nose to the Grindstone

Whelp, it's almost fall and the temperatures are definitely dropping here.

Posted: 9/20/20

Car Welding

Automotive Welding

Have you thought about learning to weld?

Posted: 9/13/20

The LX Covered in Media Dust

Media Blasting Advice

If you're thinking about setting up a small-scale media blasting outfit, let me offer you some free advice: there's a good chance it's going take more than you think.

Posted: 9/6/20


283 V8 in Profile

Media Blasting and Valve Covers

I can still remember the first time I used media blasting.

Posted: 8/30/20

Rusted Chrome Air Cleaner

Chrome Car Cancer

Do you know chrome can rust?

Posted: 8/23/20

Rusted '87 Mustang

Eyes on the Prize

Recently, I reviewed CarTech's Media Blasting & Metal Preparation because of the El Camino, but it's difficult to think about rust without returning to the Survivor '87 Mustang.

Posted: 8/16/20

Rusted El Camino Valve Cover

Corrosion Conundrum

It's not like I've never done media blasting before — I even have a small outfit built around an Eastwood bench top blast cabinet.

Posted: 8/9/20

El Camino Interior

From a Certain Point of View

The need to rebuild the Powerglide in my Grandfather's El Camino has brought to light some glaring issues with space.

Posted: 8/2/20


El Camino Shifter Knob

Powerglide Dreams

My Grandfather didn't like the factory shift knob on the column shifter of his '67 El Camino.

Posted: 7/26/20

El Camino Odometer

Praising the Powerglide

Growing up, my Grandfather sang the praises of the Powerglide in his El Camino.

Posted: 7/19/20

El Camino Through the Glass

Fixing the Powerglide

The El Camino's return is taking shape — well, the plan, at any rate.

Posted: 7/12/20

Grandpa's Chevy 283

The Significance of Carburetors

I love carburetors.

Posted: 7/5/20



Advanced Carb Refinishing

Recently, after doing a search for information on plating I discovered that, today, the term plating is commonly referred to in cooking circles for the artistic presentation of meals on plates.

Posted: 6/28/20

Grandpa's El Camino Grill


Recently, I was able to reach and uncover the El Camino for the first time in years.

Posted: 6/21/20

Grandpa's Rochester Quadrajet Carburetor


As many of you already know, one of the secrets to success in life is getting priorities straight.

Posted: 6/14/20

1995 Ford Mustang GT 5.0 Engine

Summer Wrenching

Summer's fast approaching and if you're still stuck at home, it might be time to get wrenching on that project you've been meaning to work on.

Posted: 6/7/20


Fat 5.0 Mustang

The Fat 5.0

I don't know, maybe "big boned" is more socially acceptable nowadays?

Posted: 5/31/20

Modern Mustang

The Ideal Muscle Car?

While reviewing Fox Body Mustang Restoration: 1979-1993, I was reminded just how amazing the 5.0 Mustang really is.

Posted: 5/24/20

Old Ford 5.0 Mustang

Chasing Gremlins

Way back when I bought the 347my first '87 Mustang LX — I attempted to improve the ignition.

Posted: 5/17/20

1984 Ford Mustang — Bruno


Last summer, while the Cobalt SS/SC and I were vacationing in Glacier National Park, I was having breakfast and reading a magazine — something I don't normally have any time for due to my busy schedule.

Posted: 5/10/20

Tabletop Jukebox

The Sound of Classics and Performance

As a kid I found myself enamored with the music from the late '50s, '60s, and early '70s — though, it wasn't contemporary for me.

Posted: 5/3/20


1966 Ford Mustang 289 V8 After a Tune-Up

Vintage Driving

It's been a long time since I've driven a car with a carb.

Posted: 4/26/20

Excelsior Tooling Company Service Merchandiser

Service Merchandisers

Are you fortunate enough to be able to build a themed garage?

Posted: 4/19/20

Borg-Warner T-5 Manual Transmission

Coulda, Shoulda, Woulda

This was supposed to be the week I kicked Classics and Performance into a higher gear.

Posted: 4/12/20

Dirty Garage Interior

Space Planning

One of the more difficult aspects of building a structure is figuring out how much space is needed.

Posted: 4/5/20


Cobalt SS/SC and the Ryobi 18V One+ Dual Function Inflator/Deflator

Ending on a Win

I've got some good news:

Posted: 3/29/20

COVID-19 Biohazard Symbol


Many of us are stuck in our homes and it isn't looking good at the moment.

Posted: 3/22/20

Cobalt SS/SC Tire Pressure

Warming Things Up

Holy crap that was frigid.

Posted: 3/15/20

Pile of Nails


Spring is about to boing.

Posted: 3/8/20

Old Classics and Performance

Freezing on the Floor

The other night I was in the Old Classics and Performance Garage and it was damned cold.

Posted: 3/1/20


Long Road

The Call of the Open Road

Around this time of year, the yearning to hit the open road gets intense for me.

Posted: 2/23/20

Gulf Oil Gas Station Circa 1979

Total Freedom

I love old gas stations.

Posted: 2/16/20

Ford 8.8" Ring and Pinion Gear Set-Up

Car Butts

I like car butts and I cannot lie.

Posted: 2/9/20

Corrugated Metal Siding

Winter Garage Project

Have a finished garage and have problems with holes in the drywall from all your tinkering?

Posted: 2/2/20


Abandoned Barns in the Snow

Garage Options

So, you want to build a garage?

Posted: 1/26/20

Old Rusted Tailpipe and Muffler

That Muscle Car Sound

You know what I love?

Posted: 1/19/20

Red Barns Under Snowy Trees

Winter Wrenching

With the weather outside being so frightful and the inside being much more delightful, I've turned my thoughts to the buildings in my Hobby Complex.

Posted: 1/12/20

Happy New Year 2020 Title Image

Happy Birthday!

Guess what: Classics and Performance was born 18 years ago, this year.

Posted: 1/5/20

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