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Cloudy Cobalt Headlight

Day 7: Cobalt Headlight Heaven

Bench Racing

by Ryan King

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On day seven of Cleaning the Cobalt SS I put in another four hours for a total of 29...so far.

Today's big success: I finished claying the car using Mothers' Speed Clay 2.0, so the body is now ready for a final clean before the paint repair commences.

I also started on the headlights.

I had hoped to finish the headlights today, but after three hours of effort, I've managed to complete one headlight.

I think.

I'll have to wait to see it in the daylight to know if I managed to work out all the sanding scratches. At least enough to satisfy me. I had to go through the process twice using the Mothers NuLens Headlight Restoration Kit. I also ended up using some of my own supplies not provided in the kit to get the job done. Once I know that I'm successful, I'll let you know what I needed to do to achieve satisfactory results — at least in my specific circumstance.

There's less to write for today's update, so I'll leave you with that. Tomorrow is another day and I'll be writing more.


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