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The Cobalt SS/SC Front Wheel Turned

Cobalt Thrash-Fest: Phase 2

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by Ryan King

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Phase 2 of the After Vacation Cobalt Thrash-Fest is complete.

There were some complications, but thanks to the great work of the team at the Chevrolet dealership — as I'm told, especially the technician and parts person — she turned out fantastic.

The only additions to the chassis repair were the replacement of the control arms and the inner tie rods.

In each case, I had the dealership use Moog pieces.

Other than very specific components, I'm all done using factory GM parts on the front suspension of the poor Cobalt.

She's a good car and deserves better.

That said, I otherwise don't have a problem with GM parts, it's just in this circumstance, wow, did they fail miserably.

I'm not going to sugar coat it: When a company does that badly developing a car and its parts, it doesn't get a pass. Even if the rest of the car was done well — and in some areas, exceptionally well.

Now that the chassis repairs have been completed on the Cobalt SS/SC, it's ready to move on to the glass shop to have the windshield replaced.

Toni — the Cobalt's service writer — deserves huge props for all the amazing work she's done babying the car over the years. Yeah, the Cobalt has its own service writer at the dealership — but it needs it.

Okay, I need it.

Regardless, she's amazing.

Thank you, Toni.


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