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Going for a Joy Ride

Bench Racing

by Ryan King

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I recently got the Cobalt back from the dealership after getting some much-needed repairs taken care of and when I got home, I found My Speed Demon randomly popping up in unusual places.

Okay, more unusual than normal.

It wasn't saying anything, it just kept surprising me out of the blue.

After a while I got the hint: it was sunny out and the car was ready to roll.

I mean really, how could I say no?

So, I didn't.

We went out for dinner — in another state.

When we were almost to our destination something really irritating happened — and it had absolutely nothing to do with My Speed Demon.

There I was, tootling along at the speed limit (no, seriously, I was doing the speed limit) and I watch this rock get kicked up from the rear tire of this old Ford truck going in the opposite direction. There was nothing I could do but watch it do 55 miles per hour into my brand-new windshield.

It hit so hard it exploded, leaving pulverized particles where it struck. The rock blew apart with such force that the resulting shards cut two other divots into the glass, but the site of the original impact was the worst.

When I finally got to the restaurant, I was able to clear the windshield off and found that there were three very tiny pits in the windshield — two of which were perfectly in line with my right eye.

We're talking no more depth perception perfect.

And tiny. I mean, really, really tiny.

If the rock had hit anywhere else on the windshield, it would have been completely inconsequential they were so small.

Of course, because the chips were right in my line of sight, it meant I couldn't just fill them in, I had to replace it — again.

Such is life.

I hope My Speed Demon was pleased with our costly little joy ride.


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