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The Greatest Era of All Time (So Far)

2016 is almost gone and 2017 is, of course, almost here.

Posted: 12/25/16

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Snow Covered Vintage Car Shell Title Image

Happy Hobby Days

Family obligations, festivities, work schedules, and miserable weather can all play a part in pulling you away from your hobby.

Posted: 12/20/16

Snow Covered Antique Car Shell Title Image

Baby, It's Cold Outside

No, really. It's Cold.

Posted: 12/11/16

Stethoscope Title Image

Doctors and Mechanics

Here's an interesting fact: In one small way, a doctor and an auto mechanic are the same.

Posted: 12/4/16


Green Toy Soldiers Title Image

The War on Enthusiasm

Strategically speaking, there is a distinct difference between a business and a hobby.

Posted: 11/27/16

Turkey Title Image

Gobbler, the Spirit of Vengeance

Ah, Thanksgiving, our yearly ritual animal sacrifice — and the consumption of its flesh.

Posted: 11/20/16

Business Brief Case Title Image

Forming a Hobby

The concept of the legal formation of a business is one that could be considered valuable for an automotive enthusiast.

Posted: 11/13/16

Wooded Path Title Image

My Journey

"The journey of a thousand miles begins with one step."

Posted: 11/6/16


Frankenstein Vintage Car Title Image

It's Alive, Igor!

In a sense, as auto enthusiasts who restore or rebuild cars, we are all attempting to be Dr. Frankenstein.

Posted: 10/30/16

Road in Autumn Title Image

Turn, Turn, Turn

As I watch the leaves on the trees outside my window change into a golden autumn display I find myself reminded of the fact that all of life is seasonal.

Posted: 10/23/16

Tropical Beach Title Image


Intention, purpose, mission, goals — there are a lot of words, with varying meaning, that describe destination for any endeavor.

Posted: 10/16/16

Credit Card Cutting Title Image

Budgeting Your Pastime

Managing costs is an extremely complex issue, but its importance for the automotive hobbiest — especially one on a tight budget — can't be overstressed.

Posted: 10/9/16

Red Jammer Tour Bus Nose Title Image


Being a connoisseur is a funny thing.

Posted: 10/2/16


Caution Tape Title Image

Friendly Advice

It was many years ago at this point that someone I knew was in the process of modifying his car to be his ideal performance car, and I told him to put the brakes on it.

Posted: 9/12/16

Blown Station Wagon Burn Out Title Image

Getting Blown

I'm a fan of multiple styles of powerplants:

Posted: 9/4/16


Ferrari Key Fob Title Image

Achievement Unlocked

Upgrade loading...

Posted: 8/28/16

Vintage Car Repair Title Image

Use = Care

The equation is simple.

Posted: 8/3/16


Old Garage in Weeds Title Image

Garage Philosophy

The garage as afterthought is a hideous concept to me.

Posted: 7/24/16

Full Garbage Can Title Image


I find a lot of people, especially car people, love to crammit.

Posted: 7/18/16

Chevy Car Show Title Image

A Growing Collection

For a lot of people, a collection seems to be an assembly of things they like — if it is thought of in that way at all.

Posted: 7/10/16

Pocket Change Title Image


I find it funny that there are those that think a car hobby is like an investment.

Posted: 7/4/16


'60s Hot Rod Title Image

The Fantasy

People don't want to hear about the realities of what they want.

Posted: 6/26/16

Road Side Antique Shop Title Image

A Successful Hobby Shop


Posted: 6/19/16

Factory at Sunset Title Image

Printing a Car

Manufacturing is absolutely fascinating to me.

Posted: 6/12/16

Iron Ore Deposit Title Image

A Taste of Irony

It's fascinating to me that so many automotive enthusiasts are fervently anti-intellectual.

Posted: 6/7/16


Owl in Foliage Title Image

One Dimensional Wisdom

One dimensional wisdom holds a great deal of danger.

Posted: 5/29/16

289 Cobra Burn Out Title Image

Burn Out

Burn out — it's real.

Posted: 5/24/16

Vinyard Title Image


Car enthusiasts — specifically, the car crafting segment — struggle with know how.

Posted: 5/16/16

Running Horse Title Image

Beauty and Power

The car hobby is a fascinating culture to study.

Posted: 5/10/16

Relaxed Speed Limit Sign Title Image


Quality of life isn't a concept spoken about much in the car hobby — but it should be.

Posted: 5/1/16


Technical Plan Drawing Title Image


Iteration is an important concept in design and engineering — so important that it can make or break the success of a car for an automotive manufacturer, or a race team.

Posted: 4/24/16

Watch Gears Title Image


Meticulous is a term often associated with other terms like anal or pedantic, however, that shouldn't be the case.

Posted: 4/10/16


2015 Ford Mustang Title Image

Back to the Drawing Board

For a long time the Mustang held the flame in the Mustang vs. Camaro war.

Posted: 3/16/16

Geo Metro for Sale Title Image


Cheap is a battle cry I hear and read far too often in car culture.

Posted: 3/11/16

Rusted Out Hulk of Classic Car Title Image


The importance of motivation in accomplishment can't be stressed enough.

Posted: 3/4/16


Laser Beam Title Image

Progress, Innovation, and Automobiles

Today, things change at a fast pace.

Posted: 2/21/16

2007 Chevrolet Cobalt SS/SC Performance Title Image

The Price of Performance

Performance cars are awesome.

Posted: 2/10/16

2016 Chevrolet Corvette Stingray Title Image

Going Commando

We live in a time of previously unrivaled technological advancements.

Posted: 2/7/16

Old Books in Library Title Image

Education = Success

There are numerous "things" that go into any automotive project, that are far more costly, and involved, than parts.

Posted: 2/6/16


2016 Chevrolet Camaro in Blue Title Image

Long Live the Muscle Car

The Shelby Cobra is the undeniable King of Muscle Cars.

Posted: 1/13/16

Happy New Year 2016 Title Image

Happy New Year, 2016 Edition

Happy New Year!

Posted: 1/3/16

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