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1966 Ford Mustang

The New 351

The New 351 is a return to my roots of a sort.

As I've mentioned, the '66 Mustang I wanted was a replica of my first car, a plain-Jane coupe with a manual. I swapped the '66 GT for this car.


One night, my cousin and I went out to pick up the new '66 coupe, took the '66 GT to do it, swapped the two and drove home in the New 351. They were the same color and the new car was in much better — although by no means great or even good — shape, and it was like I went out and returned with the same car in better condition.

This car's purpose is to become a replica of the Original 351 — at least in the most personally significant areas — while having the options I'd really wanted on the original car. Although right now it's packing a 289 V8 and a 3-speed manual, it will eventually house a 351W and a 4-speed — and not be covered in Ivy Green, I loathe Ivy Green...so much. Instead, it will either be Vintage Burgundy, Raven Black, or possibly a darker shade of burgundy to better match the original.

Like the GT, it sits — a bit destitute — in need of repairs. Okay, "repairs" makes it sound better than it is. It requires a total restoration.

Like everything else, I'm working on it.

Like a snail.

A very, very determined, completely obstinate, snail. Photo: Ryan King, 2004.

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