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Going Bigger with Powder Coating

If you read the Bench Racing post I made last week titled, Powder Coating Advice, it's probably obvious that the larger the item(s) you want to powder coat, the more you're going to need to invest in equipment.

Posted: 10/25/20

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Powder Coated Alternator Fan

Powder Coating Advice

Media blasting and powder coating go hand-in-hand.

Posted: 10/18/20

Eastwood Powder Coating Beginner's Guide

Eastwood Powder Coating Beginner's Guide

I'm always looking for new and better options for working on and restoring my cars.

I haven't gotten into powder coating in the past because of the equipment costs. For the most part I've used paints to finish the parts for the cars I've worked on, but powder coating provides a finish with superior durability to traditional paints. That doesn't mean I haven't looked into it, but, I haven't read a book on it, before — mostly because there weren't a lot of them out there at the time I was painting parts many years ago.

Now, I finally have.

Check out this review to see if Eastwood's Powder Coating Beginner's Guide can help you understand how to do powder coating for your own projects!

Posted: 10/20

Powder Coated LX Parts

Pretty Parts

Since we're well into fall and temperatures are, well, falling, painting season — for many of us — is over.

Posted: 10/11/20

CSR Racing 2 1970 Ford Mustang Boss 302

Guilty Pleasure

I have a confession to make: I keep playing CSR Racing 2.

Posted: 10/4/20

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