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Dirty Garage Interior

Space Planning

One of the more difficult aspects of building a structure is figuring out how much space is needed.

Posted: 4/5/20

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Build Your Own Garage Front Cover Black & Decker: The Complete Guide to Garages Front Cover

Wood-Frame Garages

Want to build or remodel your garage?

Is it a wood-frame garage?

Are you new to this whole construction thing and need to get your feet wet?

Then this review may be for you. Check out Wood-Frame Garages to see if this is the introduction you need to get you started on your own garage project!

Posted: 3/20

MAF Connector Replacement Title Image

MAF Connector Replacement

Ever spliced a connector onto an otherwise good harness because the original broke? Do you need to do it to an '87-'93 5.0 Mustang? How about the MAF connector? You don't have to splice one in — they can be replaced without cutting or damaging the wiring. Here's how.

Posted: 5/09

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