Mustang Boss 302

Mustang Boss 302

Originally, the first part of this book detailing the 1969-1970 cars was written by the author, Donald Farr, and published by California Mustang in 1983 under the title "Mustang Boss 302: Ford's Trans-Am Pony Car." It has been out of production for many years, but is considered the bible for the Boss 302 Mustang, and fetches upwards of $200-$300 a copy. Between the lack of availability and the cost, getting a hold of this information has been a real challenge for many enthusiasts.

Not anymore.

Finally, in Mustang Boss 302: From Racing Legend to Modern Muscle Car, this valuable information has been made available to everyone at a much more reasonable price and now includes the behind the scenes story of the development and manufacture of the newest Boss 302, the 2012-2013 models.

Posted: 11/16

Shelby Mustang Fifty Years

Shelby Mustang Fifty Years

Without Carroll Shelby, the Mustang's legend wouldn't be what it is today. People far and wide know the Mustang as a performance car from its inception right up to the very moment you're reading this. Far fewer people know how this Pony Car grew fangs. The Shelby Mustang is how. In Shelby Mustang Fifty Years, Colin Comer takes you for a high-powered ride down memory lane to find out about the machinations behind Shelby's involvement with the most idolized car in American history, and why it took a wily Texas chicken farmer to make it happen.

Posted: 10/16

Machines, Equipment, and Tools

Classics and Performance Craftsman 1000w Halogen Worklight Title Image

Craftsman 1000w Halogen Worklight

An easy, cost effective, and efficient way to throw some light on a project.

Posted: 9/06

Parts, Materials, and Supplies

Classics and Performance GreaseMaster and Rusteco Title Image

GreaseMaster and Rusteco

Environment, people, and substrate safe degreaser/all-purpose cleaner and rust removers.

Posted: 5/06

Classics and Performance EFS-2500 Title Image


Environmentally Friendly Stripper that's extremely effective, easy to use, and dispose of.

Posted: 5/06