Soap Scum and Tooth Paste Spatter

Soap Scum Tooth Paste Spatter

Soap Scum and Tooth Paste Spatter

I first tried this on the wall to the right of this photograph and was amazed with the results so I decided to show just exactly how versatile GreaseMaster is. These are a soap/washcloth holder in my shower (soap scum) and the faucet in my bathroom (tooth paste spatter) respectively. Yeah, they're pretty ugly looking but that makes for a perfect test. Click image to enlarge.

Bright and Shiny Soap Holder Bright and Shiny Faucet

Bright and Shiny

On the wall to the right, I had simply used a paper towel and even with the slight texture on the wall, it came off very easily. Due to the depth of the soap scum build up on the holder, I needed both a brush and a few applications of GreaseMaster (not because it wasn't able to do it with one application, but because I couldn't see whether or not I had removed the soap scum during the initial and subsequent applications).

On the faucet, one application was enough to remove the tooth paste with a paper towel and I just sprayed one light mist on to shine it up nicely before I rinsed it off with a damp rag. There used to be some severe yellowing in the plastic of the faucet knob and GreaseMaster managed to remove that in a previous application some time before this test was performed. In all cases (the wall, holder, and faucet) I used GreaseMaster at 400:1 in a spray bottle to apply it. As you can see, the results were great. It's been very useful for any place I've needed a potent cleaner, I haven't wanted to damage a soft substrate, inhale toxic fumes or touch a harmful cleaner. So, basically anywhere where I need an FOG (Fat Oil Grease) or multipurpose cleaner that I don't need to evaporate on its own without leaving a residue. Click image to enlarge.