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1966 Ford Mustang

Mom's Mustang

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Mom's Mustang is a 1966 Ford Mustang with a 200 I6 and a C4 automatic transmission, and it was both my Mother's first car and the car I learned to drive on.

That it's a precious project to me goes without saying.

This car is Springtime Yellow with a black vinyl interior, but, unlike my Grandfather's El Camino, it won't be staying original.

There are several reasons for that, but the most significant is that the engine and brakes are so underwhelming they're dangerous. It accelerates so slowly it makes getting on the freeway a questionable affair and it brakes so poorly that it's just inadequate in anything but slow in-town driving where no one slams on their brakes.

Instead, I plan to make an homage to my first car, the Original 351.

To that end, I will be painting it either Vintage Burgundy or something very similar to the burgundy that was on the car when I bought it. It will get the suspension and brakes upgraded to standard '66 Mustang V8 fare, just like the Original 351. And, of course, it'll be stuffed with a standard V8 powertrain, replete with a Type II C4 automatic and a 2-barrel 351W, just like the original.

It will also get 14"x6" Cragar S/S wheels and 205 tires – just like the original. Well, almost. The original had American Racing knock-offs with 195s on the front and 205s on the back, but I prefer 205s all the way around.

Although I'm not keeping it original, this is still an homage to the woman that raised me – it's just safer and will play two rolls. Like my Grandfather's El Camino, I plan to keep it unchanged – a fond reminder of my misspent youth that I can revisit anytime I get the urge.


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