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2007 Chevrolet Cobalt SS Supercharged

The Cobalt SS/SC

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The Cobalt SS/SC is a 2007 Chevrolet Cobalt SS Supercharged and it is my daily driver.

Why a Cobalt and not something with more pep like a Mustang or Camaro?

That's a lesson I learned a while ago.

While Mustangs, Camaros, Challengers, etc are awesome performance cars, they have their drawbacks as daily drivers. To start, while the gas mileage in modern Muscle Cars is decent, it isn't adequate for me as a daily bump-and-grinder. Second, the cost of ownership is just too high. Third, maintenance is a nightmare on a car I both drive every day and race regularly. Fourth, not racing a Muscle Car is just a huge waste to me. Finally, rear wheel drive isn't a great arrangement for inclement weather.

What is a 2007 Chevrolet Cobalt SS Supercharged? It's a really beefed up economy car with a 205-horsepower, GM Ecotec 2.0L 4-cylinder topped with a twin-screw roots blower that's nearly as big as the engine itself. In fact, the Eaton blower was designed for a larger displacement V6 engine and GM's engineers decided to plunk it onto the tiny 2.0. It's also a low-volume factory track car that was the personal pet project of the head of GM Performance Engineering. It was built to dominate the sport compact market and in its heyday was used to thrash everything in its class in road racing.

While I love the car, I wasn't looking for a high performance daily driver when I bought it. Even though it isn't as expensive as a Muscle Car, it's still not even close to as cheap as the 2002 Saturn SL2 it replaced.

Health issues and an accident that totaled my Saturn SL2 forced my hand and I fell into this car. It is hands down the best daily driver I've ever had – even if it was a little worse for the wear.

Maintenance & Repairs

Cobalt SS Complete Detail Title Image

Crossing the Finish Line

It's finally over – I mean, I finished the project!

Posted: 10/7/18

Cobalt SS Detailed LSJ Engine Title Image

Down the Homestretch

Cleaning the Cobalt: Day 11.

Posted: 9/30/18

Cobalt SS Polish and Compound Title Image

Compounding, Polishing, Glazing, and Waxing, Oh My!

Day 10.

Posted: 9/23/18

Cobalt SS Polish and Compound Title Image

Final Polishing for the Cobalt SS

Boy, that title is misleading.

Posted: 9/16/18

Cobalt SS Headlight Title Image

Completing the Cobalt's Headlights

The Cobalt's headlights are finally complete.

Posted: 9/9/18

Cloudy Cobalt Headlight Title Image

Day 7: Cobalt Headlight Heaven

On day seven of Cleaning the Cobalt SS I put in another four hours for a total of far.

Posted: 9/2/18

Repaired Cobalt SS Engine Cover Title Image

Day 6: More Clay Barring for the Cobalt

Day six and six more hours of cleaning.

Posted: 8/26/18

Mothers Speed Clay 2.0 on the Cobalt SS/SC Title Image

Clay Barring the Cobalt SS

In my stupor the last two nights, I forgot an important step: clay barring the paint.

Posted: 8/19/18

Cobalt SS Brightened Blower Title Image

Engine Cleaning Oopsie

I had big plans for day four, primary of which was to finish cleaning the engine compartment in the Cobalt.

Posted: 8/12/18

Cruddy Cobalt Engine Title Image

Cleaning the Cobalt's Go Parts

Day three: I've almost finished cleaning the engine.

Posted: 8/5/18

Freshly Scrubbed Cobalt SS Title Image

Cleaning the Cobalt SS: Day 2

I spent another three hours on the Cobalt today.

Posted: 7/29/18

Road Tripping in the Cobalt Title Image

The Cobalt's Dirty Little Secret

I have a confession to make:

Posted: 7/22/18


Cobalt SS on Going to the Sun Road Title Image

Triumphant Return Home

Aaaaand, I'm back.

Posted: 10/21/18

Cobalt SS on Vacation Title Image

Road Testing the Detailing

It took all of 30 or so miles to ruin the 61 hours of detailed work I did on the Cobalt.

Posted: 10/14/18

Going for a Joy Ride Title Image

Going for a Joy Ride

I recently got the Cobalt back from the dealership after getting some much-needed repairs taken care of and when I got home, I found My Speed Demon randomly popping up in unusual places.

Posted: 4/22/18

The Sweet Nectar of Summer Title Image

The Sweet Nectar of Summer

All Hallows Eve is nearly upon us and unless you live in an awesome part of the country that remains perpetually warm, fall is officially here.

Posted: 10/29/17


Reconciling with My Demon Title Image

Reconciling with My Demon

Today My Speed Demon and I made a big step forward: I introduced it to the Cobalt for the first time.

Posted: 3/18/18

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