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Happy 15th Birthday!

Bench Racing

by Ryan King

It almost snuck by.

2017 is the 15th anniversary of Classics and Performance.

Shocking, but I began Classics and Performance in 2002. Granted it was the ill-fated magazine that was published at the beginning of 2003, but it still began a decade and a half ago – in fact, it was this time of the year in 2002 that the original logo was finalized. Regardless, it doesn't seem like 15 years have passed since I decided to embark on this crazy adventure, yet here it is.

In another three years it won't be a baby any more, but a full-fledged adult capable of...well, not capable of much of anything. It would be nice if it started earning a profit though...hell, it would be nice if it just started supporting itself.

One step at a time.

Or pipe dream.

Or whatever.

I'm still very pleased, after all these years, that it's still here and going.

Next is direction. It needs to get going in a direction.

I mean, other than downhill.


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