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Old mine ruin

Going Garage

Having the right infrastructure to support a car hobby is just as important as having the infrastructure in place to support a society.

Posted: 3/17/19

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2020 GT-500

The New 2020 Shelby Mustang GT-500

The new GT-500 — I love it — except...

Posted: 3/10/19

Don't Do It Title Image

Just Don't

Cruising the boards again has reminded me of a lot of mistakes I've made in the past.

Posted: 3/3/19


Herd of Turtles Title Image

Being Friendly

Recently I returned to the interweb's social scene after being insular and anti-social for more than a decade.

Posted: 2/24/19

Original 351 Interior Title Image

Car Time

This time of the year has long been special to me.

Posted: 2/17/19

The Cobalt SS/SC Tach Title Image

Getting the Cobalt Ship Shape...Again

There's really only one thing I'm a pro at, and it's crastinating.

Posted: 2/10/19

The Cobalt Taillight Title Image

Still Paying for My Road Trip

After I got the Cobalt SS/SC back from the dealership, I took her to get her fourth windshield replacement of the year.

Posted: 2/3/19


The Cobalt Scan Tool Title Image

Dealing with the Problem Child

Ah, the challenges of dealing with a finicky performance car as a daily driver, touring car, and for one single night five years ago, a race car.

Posted: 1/27/19

The Cobalt and the Cactus Title Image

Out of Arizona


Posted: 1/20/19

Cobalt SS Broken Window Title Image

Lookin' for Adventure

In whatever comes my way.

Posted: 1/13/19

Happy New Year 2019 Title Image

Holistic Hot Rodding

Through my love of the automobile, I've found myself delving deeply into numerous related subjects.

Posted: 1/6/19

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