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One of the shortcomings I've found in the automotive hobby is that there just isn't enough of the right kind of media for me. Something that embraces the design, the engineering, the manufacturing, the diagnosis and repair, the history, the road tripping, the racing, the management – not in enough breadth, and not in enough depth.

That was my impetus for starting Classics and Performance more than a decade ago.

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Going to the Sun Road

The issue I quickly found with my grandiose vision for Classics and Performance was that I lacked the resources to develop the kind of in-depth automotive experience I wanted to create. Consequently, after years of trial and error, I've had to refocus my efforts on the areas I can manage while working my way toward my greater dream.

To that end, I'm concentrating on providing an outlet to share my enthusiasm for the automobile with other hobbiests by giving voice to the insights I've gleaned over my two-plus decades of engaging with the automobile as a knowledgeable, skilled amateur, an experienced researcher, an ardent student and apprentice, and a part-time professional.


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Classics and Performance became a reality in 2002 when I decided to turn my magazine idea into an actual publication. I created one issue, but because I couldn't afford the printing – much less the rest involved with starting and running a magazine – it never got off the ground.

Classics and Performance Automotive Magazine

It eventually migrated to the internet. That decision wasn't an easy one. Although the internet was the only medium I could afford, I had no experience creating websites.

My first attempts were rocky, but in September of '04 I made a "successful" transition from paper to ezine. It took another eight months for me to get the hang of running the website and in May of '05, it got a freshened look and more functional navigation.

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I had little time and few resources to devote to updating the site between '09 and '16, but I never completely abandoned it. Throughout that time, I was working to get a better understanding of website development, and recently, I've made considerable strides toward a complete reworking of the entire concept, from content to design to technology.

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In 2016, I re-engaged with Classics and Performance and I'm making the necessary, albeit slow progress toward the kind of site I've always hoped it would be.

Webmaster, Author, Car Nut

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I wouldn't go so far as to give myself a real title. I do everything, and yet, somehow accomplish nothing.

It's a skill.

You can click my name above or the image to the right to find out more about me.

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