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November 2017

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The Advantage of Being Self-Taught

Growing up, I've found that many of us get a sense that "education" and "learning" are done in a school with a teacher.

Posted: 11/26/17

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What Are You Worth?

No, I'm not asking you to prove your worth as a person based on some other person's value system.

Posted: 11/19/17

The Complete Ultimate Factories Car Collection

Ultimate Factories

I haven't found a series that does a better job illuminating the subject of manufacturing than National Geographic's Ultimate Factories.

When you restore or customize your ride, it's difficult to do it well if you don't understand where it came from or how it was put together. If your serious about your hobby and it involves being hip deep in your car's parts, then Ultimate Factories is a must-see.

Although this is a review of the series, it's also a guide that references every single episode I could find with a perspective geared specifically towards the automotive enthusiast.

Check it out and enjoy!

Posted: 11/17

Classics and Performance Bench Racing 11/12/17 Title Image

Clarity of Vision

Vision is a word that gets bandied about a lot, but I don't often see people that truly have a grasp of the concept with enough depth, breadth, or more importantly, detail.

Posted: 11/12/17

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Lark, Owl or Hummingbird?

By now the concept of being a morning person or a night person is pretty common knowledge, but did you know it has an impact on your productivity?

Posted: 11/5/17

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