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Classics and Performance Bench Racing 10/23/16 Title Image

Turn, Turn, Turn

As I watch the leaves on the trees outside my window change into a golden autumn display I find myself reminded of the fact that all of life is seasonal.

Posted: 10/23/16


Shelby Mustang Fifty Years

Shelby Mustang Fifty Years

Without Carroll Shelby, the Mustang's legend wouldn't be what it is today. People far and wide know the Mustang as a performance car from its inception right up to the very moment you're reading this. Far fewer people know how this Pony Car grew fangs. The Shelby Mustang is how. In Shelby Mustang Fifty Years, Colin Comer takes you for a high-powered ride down memory lane to find out about the machinations behind Shelby's involvement with the most idolized car in American history, and why it took a wily Texas chicken farmer to make it happen.

Posted: 10/16


Classics and Performance MAF Connector Replacement Title Image

MAF Connector Replacement

Ever spliced a connector onto an otherwise good harness because the original broke? Do you need to do it to an '87-'93 5.0 Mustang? How about the MAF connector? You don't have to splice one in – they can be replaced without cutting or damaging the wiring. Here's how.

Posted: 5/09