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Friendly Advice

It was many years ago at this point that someone I knew was in the process of modifying his car to be his ideal performance car, and I told him to put the brakes on it.

Posted: 9/12/16


Mustang Fifty Years

Mustang Fifty Years

The Mustang has epitomized the American automobile for over half a century. Its beautiful form and energetic performance are the stuff of legend. It can be argued that there is no more classical classic car than a Mustang. Its looks are timeless and its every-person's accessibility make it adored the world over. From Lee Iacocca's brainchild to Shelby's little monster, from pop culture icon to repeated efforts to destroy it from the inside, in Mustang Fifty Years, Donald Farr does a superb job exploring where it came from and how it became the legendary icon it is today.

Posted: 8/16


Classics and Performance MAF Connector Replacement Title Image

MAF Connector Replacement

Ever spliced a connector onto an otherwise good harness because the original broke? Do you need to do it to an '87-'93 5.0 Mustang? How about the MAF connector? You don't have to splice one in – they can be replaced without cutting or damaging the wiring. Here's how.

Posted: 5/09